I’ve always sought out rich experience above all other life pursuits; the impulse to uncover these internalized moments, and to revisit them, stimulates my impulse to paint.  

I improvise, and in a way I dance, laying down a foundation, and building on it, moving backwards and forwards. A background in theater and dance makes me particularly sensitive to rhythm, staging, and timing in my painting. I create drama. By juxtaposing layer after layer of a rich color and allowing it to shift as the light and mood changes (much like the fog in my native Bay Area),  I enhance the theatricality of my work. 

I use thin layers, opaque ones, scribbled pencil lines, bold strokes, soft ones, and value changes, often destroying the work, then starting over. I draw on a variety of painting techniques including brushed gestures, cold wax applied with brayers, and paint spread with just my hand. I study the work as it comes out the other side of all this, building on my changing sense of harmony, evolving my visual vocabulary, all in search of a deeper meaning that will connect me to something larger than myself