online critique & individual instruction

An opportunity to zero in on your painting, learn what you need to learn, and get your work to where you want it to be

Watch a recent live online critique to get an idea of what it’s like

 Cost $50 for a half hour, $100 an hour. If you do several classes, you’re welcome to send process images in between classes.

To secure your booking, let me know the dates you’ll attend, send you payment to me via venmo @Andrea-Wedell PREFERED because no fees on my side or this paypal link

How it works


We meet over Zoom


 Prepare for the session to get the most out of it by:

1.Defining your goal(s) for the session(s)

Examples might include:

  • Help with a specific painting you’re working on right now
  • An overview of your work for general critique on where you are and where you want to go
  • Personalized demos and real-time practice to learn something specific or as it applies to the work in progress
  • Learning techniques that are specific to what you’d like to create
  1. Send over a link to your website if you have one, or JPEG images of your work, and the specific painting you’d like to work on
  1. Send me images if you’d like of work that inspires you.
  2. Use my calendar link to set up time for either half an hour or an hour:

5. Once I see your session for a half hour or an hour, I’ll have your email and invite you to pay via Venmo @Andrea-Wedell or via paypal

6.Get yourself set up on zoom on your desktop if you aren’t already. It’s a free platform that works great! Have been using it since it started a while back.

7.Once your payment comes through, I’ll send you a zoom link for our call.


What to expect during the session

I’ll have studied both your body of work, the painting you want to work on and any inspiration you sent over.

I’ll share my screen with your image or images and comment. We’ll look at the composition, color, line, shapes, what works, what might need more work – and of course all based on what you’re trying to do with the painting.

If you’d like a demo live, I’ll be in my studio and can show you pointers as they specifically relate to your work.

You’ll angle your device towards the painting you’re working on so I can see it and you can point to it.

You might just need a half hour, you might need an hour. That’s entirely up to you. If you book multiple sessions, you’re invited to send over process images for comment and questions in between.


Additional topics might include

Becoming the Artist I want to be

Understanding the business of Art


·       Find and clarify your artistic voice

·       Create and respect the separation between the practice of art and the business of art.

·       Identify and use your unique gifts

·       Define what it means for you to be a professional artist

·       Learn the process of making abstract art

·       Create a web site that reflects your style

·       Gain confidence in that process

·       Learn how to price your art

·       Find the flow between letting it rip and stepping back

·       Find strategies for using social media

·       Master the elements of a good compositional balance

·       Identify revenue streams for your art

·       Discover the materials and techniques that will strengthen your unique artistic expression

·       Decide if you want to self-promote or approach galleries

·       Learn to approach galleries effectively

·       Create short, medium, and long-term goals and strategies

·       Understand color


·       Explore any medium you’re interested in


·       Use texture contrasts


·       Dive into art history so you know where you fit


·       Receive objective feedback


·       Create an art practice that makes the most sense for you to produce your best work


·       Do a thorough review of your creative path thus far so you can better understand underlying patterns running through your art in order to gain insight into the future of your art


·       Get comfortable with risk and mistake making


·       Develop the art of self-critique so you can challenge yourself to stretch and grow on your own




To secure your booking, let me know the dates you’ll attend, send you payment to me via venmo @Andrea-Wedell PREFERED because no fees on my side or this paypal link





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