Mysteries in Abstract Art Creation


The black and white photo was shot with my iphone, straight into the light. The fog was rolling down the hill towards me where I was standing in Sausalito. I was surprised it came out so well. It’s arresting, spiritual, dramatic. I think so anyway.  I experience all of those things when I watch that fog hit the light.

After posting it on facebook to some oooohhs and aaaahhhs, I more or less forgot about it.

TaoThat’s what’s just so weird about these things. It must have struck a cord , because almost a year later, I’m experimenting with abstract black and white painting. Out of nowhere, comes a painting that most definitely echos that black and white fog shot.

How strange and magical it seems, that these silent moments, actually sit inside of us only to resurface when we’re not necessarily looking. People, places, and moments make imprints inside of us, both good and bad. The bad stuff ignites the fires of anxiety, the good is what I try to bring up to make art. It’s those special, poetic moments, I fish out for my painting.

Abstract painting is about letting those sponged up moments come up and out. It’s fun, and often such a surprise to see what’s gone in and what wants to come back out.

In a way it helps slow down the passage of time. Everything moves along, so fast,. Being able to press pause on some of those moments, the time to paint, reflect, and look back, must be what inspires all of us to either want to paint, or want to own a piece of art.


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