Making Art isn’t a Luxury but a Necessity


The other day I found myself berating myself for not being able to find time for my art. A little writing here and there and not much else. I felt miserable, like I was wasting away, getting older and not getting to the important work. What was the point of my life if I’m not doing anything artistic? I kept pushing it off, waiting for that magical moment when I’d feel inspired and serene, ready to get back to it.

Then I started to watch where my mind was focusing.

It usually had to do with someone who was bugging me, sometimes it’d stretch out to wondering how I’ll ever be able to make enough money to retire on. Inevitably it would circle round to feeling guilty about not making art and assessing my loser status as a result.

Regardless of the topic, what I noticed was the steam coming out of my ears, as I rumbled along, obsessing about one thing or another. I could see how, left unchanelled, my creative mind will passionately go to work, puling apart and analysing whatever it chooses to encounter.

And if that misuse of my creative energy isn’t enough to keep me out of the studio, how about those thousands of things competing for my time ? Here I am, on my own, making a new life for myself in the US, a country I haven’t lived in, in almost three decades. No easy task.

And how about my apartment ? Surely, it’s not going to clean itself.

That’s when I stopped waiting for serenity and inspiration, or even time. I closed the door on my disorganized apartment, and yanked myself back to the studio.

And then, oh the bliss of painting away again and feeling on purpose.

In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve found to be true :

  • Don’t wait for inspiration, inspiration will come as you work.
  • 10363455_799053580126252_7641662414384585040_oWatch where your mind goes, you might be surprised at what it finds to chew on.
  • Pull yourself away from the miriads of things you focus on every day and the tasks you think you absolutely have to get done before you can make art. Save some energy for your art, or the rest will pull you in.
  • Get better at organizing your time.
  • Remember, if you’re an artist, making art isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

2 Replies to “Making Art isn’t a Luxury but a Necessity”

  1. Said this just last week on my Facebook page….

    “The best way to get out of my head is to go to the studio. That’s where I’m heading. This a way ——–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”

  2. Hello Andrea – I’m so glad you’re painting (and writing!) again. You are an inspiration my dear and I’m thankful you are in our Universe. Great post and yes….above all, ignore the giant to-do list and make time for creating. A soul-saving piece of advice!

    Hugs from up here in Port Townsend,


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