Artist Statement

An expat in France for the last 24 years, being Californian continues to define who I am – namely an optimist in need of nature, bright sun and light. The subjects I choose to express in my painting now are contemporary landscapes of Southern France where I’ve lived for the last few years. Thriving once again in colorful optimism, I work with texture and vibrant, bold color that is built up in multiple layers and glazed on until the colors almost glow. My landscapes are semi-abstract to abstract poetic interpretations of my environment in Cassis, or bits  and pieces of it as I see and feel it– from lively, magical gardens with their sweet smells , to turquoise and deep orange underwater scenes, pink and bright white cliffs built up over millions of years, villages that have retained their authentic charm, sparkling ocean and wide expanses of sky. My paintings are filled with my joy at finding a corner of the earth that I can call home.