live-stream online classes

Let’s treat this pandemic like an art retreat. Creativity and resilience go hand in hand. I truly believe that.

Join me for my next 4-part series, livestream art experience. Each class is 2 hours so you have time to get some painting done.

The first class series sold out quickly, so be sure to book your spot. Class limited to 10 people.

$100 for the series, includes critique of your work in between classes

To secure your booking, send you payment to me via venmo @Andrea-Wedell PREFERED because no fees on my side or log into paypal and send with the paypal link below




June 6

June 13

June 20

June 27

Times: 10 to 12 Pacific Standard, 12- 2pm Central daylight, 1pm to 3pm Eastern Standard, 6pm-8pm UK, 7pm-9pm Central European


 Andrea Wedell’s online painting class is fantastic! I’ve been a fan of Andrea’s art since the first time I saw it at her open studios. Its rare a good Andrea artist can also teach. Andrea is that rare mixture. Her teaching style is relaxed and natural and her class is always full of great information. I learn something valuable each time. Highly recommend.

Trupti Manina, San Francisco, CA, USA

I just took part in a 4 week art class with Andrea, via Zoom, it was wonderful! Andrea has such a positive approach, she is generous and along with great demonstrations each week, Andrea gave each of us the attention we requested. She is not only a fabulous artist, but a really great teacher. I would highly recommend this on line art class.

Linda Wright, Nova Scotia, Canada

Love working with Andrea, I’ve gotten into a great painting practice with her guidance as I’m developing as a painter. If I ever get frustrated or stuck on a piece it’s great to have her do a 1:1 painting critique (virtual!) to help with my composition, rhythm, and ability to step back and look at my own work. Recommend her group series as well, great way to connect and stay accountable with other artists!

Christine Mineart, Los Angeles, CA, USA

 I am in session number five, of eight with Andrea Wedell. I find Andrea to be an open, enthusiastic, sharing, clear, confident and gifted teacher. I have studied primarily with two artists and welcome Andrea as my third. It is magical to watch her lose her self in creating artwork during the demonstrations. She spontaneously paints, drawing upon years of experience and study, verbalizing and showing students how to push the medium and free inhibitions. She is a fearless creative. The two hour intensive is perfect for me. Thank you Andrea!

Martha Lamarche, Maine, USA

After 36 years as a professional photographer, I decided I needed to get back to my first love; painting. But, I needed a teacher. Fortunately, I was referred to a great one; Andrea Wedell. For the last year plus, I’ve been lucky enough to work with Andrea in her ‘One on One Mentorship’ program. Not only is Andrea an incredible artist, she is a generous, inspiring and brilliant teacher. I’ve learned so much about abstract painting, color and composition with her guidance and gained my confidence back. Andrea, I look forward to working with you again in person! Thanks for a great year of learning Barbara Bourne, Windsor, CA, USA


We’ll meet over zoom, a free platform. I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now!

I’ll be in my studio, you’ll be in yours or in whatever space you have available. You’ll see demos in real time and get your questioned answered in real time.

Watch a recent live online critique to get an idea of what it’s like

Each class is limited to 10 people, so I can give you individual feedback as you work, so be sure to book your spot for one or all 4 classes. 

To secure your booking see above for payment options

Keeping these classes at a reasonable rate, so please use Venmo if you can so I avoid processing fees. Thanks!

The topics we’ll cover include lots of things I’ve touched on in my youtube video demonstrations..

Specifically in this class series we’ll touch on:

  • How to start an abstract painting, where to look for inspiration
  • Understanding abstract composition
  • Creating semi abstract compositions
  • Mixing colors, creating your palate
  • Glazing colors for nuanced build up
  • Using oil and cold wax
  • Using oil paints with different mediums for varying effects
  • Creating surfaces with textural differences
  • Making marks and integrating drawing into your work
  • Applying and lifting paint
  • Making gestural brushstrokes
  • Creating strong value changes
  • Alternating play stages in your painting, with stepping back and analyzing your work
  • Taking risks, embracing the unknown


Before class preparation

Once you’ve sent your payment and secured your spot for your chosen date(s), I’ll send you the zoom link and password.

Be prepared with ideas about what you’d most like to learn, where you’d like to stretch and grow. You’re welcome to reach out to me ahead of time to let me know your goals and what medium you’ll be working in.

Gather your supplies, but don’t go crazy. Budgets are tight for many right now, work with what you’ve got.

For color: Make sure that you have your primaries, blue, red, yellow a white and a black. We can create any color with those.

For your surface: Any sized canvas or gesso board will work. You’re welcome to work on paper too. Make sure it’s absorbant.

If you’re working in cold wax, refer to comments in this video for a list of supplies. You don’t need all of them, you don’t have to use my links either. You do need brayers, cold wax medium, a bowl scraper, and oil paint.

If you’re working in oil, refer to the comments in this video for a list of supplies. You don’t need all those colors, just use what you have or order colors that really appeal to you. You do need brushes, your primary oil colors, a white and a black, a painting surface, gamsol.

If you have acrylics and would rather work with those, that’s fine too.


Angle your device towards what you’re working on

I’ll start out with a short talk and a live demo then will quickly invite you to get to work. You’ll be working on your individual project ideas and I’ll be helping you enhance them as you go.

There’s a raised hand feature in zoom, when you want to call me over, just raise your hand. If you need a demo for something you’re trying to work out, I’ll show you live.

Everyone is welcome to listen in as I critique each person’s work and work with them. You can learn a lot that way.

We’ll wrap up each class with a general check in and a view of all your work with next steps to keep working between classes.

Excited to be able to offer this, especially at time like this. Our studio assistant below is a little senile but she’ll be there too!


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