Finding Visual Harmony

I’ve taken to documenting my process in creating abstract art in response to the many who’ve asked me about it. I’m equally motivated, as I gear up to to teach art classes in 2017. 

So here it is in a nutshell : Almost consistently when I look back at any of my older paintings, that could be years and/or months old, and peer at them with fresh eyes, what once felt complete, looks anachronistic and irrelevant. 

So I paint my new experience over the previous ones, and that layering up of current realities, visual vocabularies, and aesthetic experience, becomes the work “du jour”. I call and respond to brush strokes, layer colors, attempt to distill a feeling down to a precise mark, excavate, all in the hopes of finding poetic, visual harmony. Painting is like music, if one line or color is off, it become, unless intentional, a jarring false note.

I’m truly a student of the work as it comes out the other side, and wanted to share some of that process with you here.



Starting Fresh

Here it is, a new year full of new possibilities. Happy 2017 to everyone. Having just emerged from some much needed down time to fuel the creative well, I’m back to work in my quiet studio. As I procrastinated in getting I started, I realized what was going on.  I’ve pushed myself to work just a little bit outside my comfort zone, and here I am on the edge of discomfort.  Though somewhat anxiety producing , when I do this, the work ends up being more alive and better in the end. It’s very easy to continue doing something that has sold and worked well. Super tempting to  press repeat, but it gets stale after a while, and that shows up in the work too. Wanted to share the process with you here.





Shining My Light

My recent visit with astrology luminary Cathy Coleman, inspired this article. You’ll have to be an astrology nerd to actually read it all, but the essential point is to stay tuned. It seems my time has come to shine some light.

Embracing the Artist: Pivotal Moments in the Lives of Two Painters

By Cathy Coleman, Ph.D.

bbe8ab4c-38d2-4e54-b2a0-d7d69338dd31Pissaro was born on the Island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, the tenth of eleven children. Sensitive and extraordinary, he was his mother’s favorite. Pissaro came from a family of merchants, but had no interest in that path. He drew and painted from an early age. At age twelve, PIssaro went to boarding school near Paris. He developed an appreciation of French artists as his own artistic production advanced. When Pissaro returned to St. Thomas at age seventeen, he began to draw his inspiration from nature.                                    This article will illuminate the astrological similarities of pivotal moments in the lives of two painters embracing their identities as artists. When one of my astrology clients was on the doorstep of her own identity evolution as an artist recently, I was also reading Alice Hoffman’s new historical novel, The Marriage of Opposites. Hoffman’s novel centers on French Impressionist Camille Pissaro (1830-1903).

In his early twenties, Pissaro moved to Venezuela, following a mentor he had met on St. Thomas, Danish artist Fritz Melbye. Pissaro lived in Venezuela for two years, painting village scenes and landscapes alongside Melbye. It would be several more years before Pissaro could embrace his art as a profession. He returned briefly to St. Thomas to try to fit into the family business, but Pissaro’s mother realized the futility of her son becoming a merchant. She bought him a ticket for a passage back to Paris in 1855, when he was twenty-five.

Pissaro was born July 10, 1830 in St Thomas, Virgin Islands. We do not have a birth time for Pissaro, so his horoscope is examined with a noon birth time. Pissaro’s natal artist shows up through the natal Moon in Pisces, symbolizing art, conjunct the South Node, along with Mars and Juno. His natal Sun in sensitive cardinal water sign Cancer is opposite Jupiter and Neptune, exactly opposite the midpoint of those two planets. Pallas Athena, goddess of the Arts, is conjunct Ceres, and trine Mercury in air signs. Pissaro was inspired to paint in the open air, known as plein air painting. He also painted many seascapes, starting at his home on St. Thomas. This is symbolized by his three planets and South Node in Picses.

Three pivotal times emerge as important in Pissaro’s life to affirm his gift as an artist. The first was at age twelve, when he was sent to boarding school and began studying art. His Sun progressed into Leo within the year after he arrived, so creativity and artistic expression blossomed. This was also the year of his first Jupiter return, highlighting the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction opposing his natal Sun. An expansive, visionary identity was the core of Pissaro’s being. Within a few months after his arrival in Paris, transiting Saturn also came to conjunct Jupiter/Neptune and oppose his natal Sun. This Saturn transit corresponded with the beginning of his serious study of drawing and painting. Also, Solar Arc Pluto was square Neptune.

The second pivotal event was Pissaro’s journey to Venezuela with Melbye at age twenty-one. Progressed Mercury was exactly conjunct his natal Sun, and opposite Jupiter and Neptune at their exact Midpoint. Mercury symbolizes travel, and Jupiter symbolizes long journeys; this was an adventure in pursuit of his dreams as an artist. Pissaro’s progressed Sun was opposite natal Uranus at that time, an indicator of a break for independence. During these two years, he drew and painted all that surrounded him in Venezuela. Melbye encouraged Pissaro to take on painting as a full-time profession during this period.

Finally, the third and most pivotal event in which Pissaro affirmed his life as an artist was his move to Paris at age twenty-five. Transiting Neptune was exactly conjunct his natal Moon in Pisces, symbolizing the embrace of his life as an artist. His progressed Sun and Mercury were at 12 degrees of Leo, making a yod, exactly inconjunct to his natal Jupiter and South Node, flanked by Juno and the Moon. The progressed Moon in Aquarius was opposite natal Saturn in Leo. Progressed Jupiter exactly squared natal Pluto, symbolizing transformation through a powerful journey. Natal Uranus was tied in as well, as natal Uranus and Pluto were exactly sextile. Transiting Uranus was trine the natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction: This underlied Pissaro’s ongoing financial support from his family, which freed him to follow his dreams and fully engage. Transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct his natal Mercury, drawing him into the serious study of art.

Camille Pissaro lived on and developed as a painter and a teacher, becoming one of Paris’ fathers of Impressionism, along with Cezanne, Monet, Manet, Renoir, Degas, and Mary Cassatt. They held their first Impressionist Exhibit in 1874. At that time Saturn and Uranus were in opposition, aspecting Pissaro’s natal Saturn-Uranus opposition. In 1874, transiting Uranus was approaching Pissaro’s Saturn, and opposite his natal Uranus. Transiting Saturn was conjunct his natal Uranus, and opposite his natal Saturn. The Uranus opposition is one of the most important transits of one’s life. This can be a climax of the direction of one’s life, as it was for Pissaro.


As a comparative exploration, we’ll juxtapose the horoscope of a modern painter, Andrea Wedell (Birth Data August 28, 1962; 6:30 AM, Greenbrae, CA). My recent astrological consultation with Wedell revealed that now is the time to embrace her inner, essential artist. Wedell’s natal horoscope has a loaded 12th house, with the Moon conjunct Uranus, North Node, and also the asteroids Ceres, Vesta, and Juno. The asteroids, North Node, and the Moon are in Leo, the sign symbolizing creativity. The 12th house is the house of vision and inspiration. There is nothing that Wedell loves more than to paint from her inspiration. Wedell’s natal Venus is in Libra, another signature of the artist, with Venus strong in its own sign. Venus rules Wedell’s Midheaven, suggesting a career as an artist. Pallas Athena, goddess of the arts, is in her 10th house symbolizing career, in Gemini, suggesting more than one career path. Wedell is also a coach. Her semi-abstract paintings are soft and ethereal–though brightly colored–symbolizing the combined energy of the watery 12th house, and the bold, fixed fire sign Leo.

Wedell’s artist’s statement is:

My paintings are inspired by watching nature’s cyclical, fleeting and permanent rhythms. I work with luminous layers of paint, both transparent and heavily textured, to create a sense of atmospheric, semi recognizable form that offers the essence of remembered beauty…Inspired by nature, the places and spaces I paint are intentionally non-specific. They aim to capture the essence of fleeting moments in nature and offer the viewer the space to dream.

Wedell told me about several pivotal times that emerge as important in her life to affirm her gift as an artist. Like Pissaro, the first was her move to Paris at age 23. Wedell’s grandfather’s sculpture had just been acquired by the American Embassy in Paris, and she had gone for the inaugural event at the embassy. While sitting in front of the Pompidou Center in Paris, she had an epiphany to leave California and move to Paris. Wedell was exposed to great art and culture, and haunted museums and galleries in Paris for the next 28 years. At the time of the Paris move, Wedell’s progressed Sun was conjunct her natal Mercury, and her progressed Moon was conjunct natal Pallas Athena, patroness of the arts. Transiting Uranus trined her natal Moon, symbolizing independence and an unexpected move.

The second pivotal moment was when her grandfather, Alexander Stoller, a formally trained sculptor, died in 1994. Until his death, Wedell had been encouraged to express her artistry through performing arts. When her grandfather died she was liberated to pursue her path in the visual arts. Wedell felt that she had been passed the visual arts baton by her grandfather. Uranus was trine natal Mercury and square to natal Venus. Wedell’s view of herself as an artist suddenly changed. Transiting Saturn was opposite conjunct natal Chiron/Jupiter and opposite her natal Uranus/Sun/Pluto. She became serious about her art and started to work a lot more.

A third pivotal moment was when Wedell sold her first painting in Paris in 2002, followed by finding her teacher, Michelle Massiou, in Paris, marking the beginning of a serious eight-year study of beaux art. Transiting Pluto was trine her Moon, and Jupiter was sweeping over her Moon, Sun, and Ascendant. Jupiter and Pluto, the planetary combination symbolizing wealth, were in a benefic trine. In 2010 she held her first solo show at Galerie BE Espace in Paris of paintings of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. The idea for Le Tarot Essentiel emerged when Wedell met astrologer Françoise Bitton. Bitton interpreted them and wrote a guide to the Tarot cards. The timing coincided with a Jupiter Return, and transiting Uranus was opposite her natal Mercury. However, the greatest significance was transiting Pluto in benefic trine to the Sun. The show was an empowering experience.

Now in December 2016 and January 2017 Jupiter will conjunct her natal Venus, and transiting Uranus will oppose natal Venus. That same Jupiter-Uranus opposition makes benefic aspects to her Moon, another signature encouraging her expansion and living into her true self. Since Venus rules the Midheaven, this timing will signal the release of the artist. Wedell already has several galleries following her. There could be a big boost of energy, and money to be made. Her progressed Moon at this writing is within 4 degrees of her natal Moon. In four months she opens up to a Progressed New Moon cycle. February 2017 will then be time for her to blossom as an artist. A year later her Progressed Moon will conjunct her natal Uranus, and then her Sun and Ascendant. She will then be in her element, shining her light in the world. Transiting Saturn is trine her natal Moon, giving her the discipline to paint, put her work out in the world, and earn money from her painting. Her Solar Arc Neptune is exactly trine her natal Sun, a big indicator that now is the time to embrace the artist that she is. Her Solar Arc Jupiter is exactly trine her natal Uranus. The day that she came for a reading the Sun was exactly conjunct her natal Neptune. The fact that the Sun’s light was on her planet of art and inspiration was an omen that showed the way; it showed what was being revealed in the consultation that day. We looked at her Astro*Carto*Graphy to see where she has good energy to place her art for sale. She has a Venus Midheaven line running through Stockholm and Budapest and several countries in Central Europe. Here she should do well, and she said that there was a gallery in Stockholm that had been following her on Instagram. (See Andrea’s art at her website at

Paris—and nature– inspired both artists’ work. Pissaro painted realistic scenes. Wedell’s abstract work is inspired by nature, but allows the viewer to dream. Features in these horoscopes that indicate the life of an artist are personal planets in Pisces, symbolizing vision and inspiration (Pissaro), and personal planets in Leo, symbolizing creativity (Wedell). We do not know which houses are highlighted for Pissaro because we do not have a birth time. The twelfth house of vision and inspiration is highlighted for Wedell. Libra, the sign symbolizing art and beauty is the ruler of Wedell’s Midheaven. Jupiter and Neptune–planets symbolizing expansive visions–connect with the luminaries, Sun or Moon. Wedell’s Jupiter is opposite her Sun, and Neptune sextiles the Moon. A Jupiter/Neptune conjunction opposes Pissaro’s Sun. Pivotal moments in both their lives activated or are presently activating the enegies of all these planets.


Cathy Coleman has been a practicing astrologer for some 35 years, and is passionate about diverse systems of astrological thought. She has achieved NCGR-PAA Level IV Certification, ACVA Level I Certification, and is a certified Astro*Carto*Grapher. She serves as education director and president of the San Francisco Chapter of NCGR, and writes a free weekly astrological blog ( Living in Sonoma, California, with her husband, Ralph Metzner, Cathy can be contacted at


Mysteries in Abstract Art Creation


The black and white photo was shot with my iphone, straight into the light. The fog was rolling down the hill towards me where I was standing in Sausalito. I was surprised it came out so well. It’s arresting, spiritual, dramatic. I think so anyway.  I experience all of those things when I watch that fog hit the light.

After posting it on facebook to some oooohhs and aaaahhhs, I more or less forgot about it.

TaoThat’s what’s just so weird about these things. It must have struck a cord , because almost a year later, I’m experimenting with abstract black and white painting. Out of nowhere, comes a painting that most definitely echos that black and white fog shot.

How strange and magical it seems, that these silent moments, actually sit inside of us only to resurface when we’re not necessarily looking. People, places, and moments make imprints inside of us, both good and bad. The bad stuff ignites the fires of anxiety, the good is what I try to bring up to make art. It’s those special, poetic moments, I fish out for my painting.

Abstract painting is about letting those sponged up moments come up and out. It’s fun, and often such a surprise to see what’s gone in and what wants to come back out.

In a way it helps slow down the passage of time. Everything moves along, so fast,. Being able to press pause on some of those moments, the time to paint, reflect, and look back, must be what inspires all of us to either want to paint, or want to own a piece of art.


Less is More



As much as I love prettiness, I fight against it in my work and my inner girly girl, fights back.

By prettiness I mean romantic palettes full of lovely pinks, dreamy peaches, glorious blues and all manner of pastel. Yummy, right ?


As a child I wasn’t allowed to wear pink or play with barbies. My parents hated that kind of feminine foolishness. Instead I was dressed in navy blue tailored dresses and was given trolls to play with. Remember these guys ? If you don’t. you’re lucky.images

My mother’s greatest horror would have been my becoming a cheerleader.

So of course, when I had my own say, I couldn’t get enough pink, I highlighted my hair blonde, curled it and became very fashion obsessed.

That striving for the feminine has creeped into my painting and annoys me to no end, now, decades later.

As pretty as pinks are, too much of a good thing just cancels itself out and you wind up with a wimpy piece of art.


For this small painting, as is most often the case, I started with a vague color concept, painted away, working with complimentary colors, let it dry, looked at it later, turned it upside down, scraped it down, painted over it. This guy went through a bunch of phases before becoming completely revamped in the end. I might add that just as I seem to be ready to re-invent myself, the same is true with my art process.

PinkCloud2As I looked at what I thought was the final version of this piece this weekend, in a cold wax painting workshop with the fabulous sara post, it occurred to me that my girly girl had had the final say on this painting I was calling “Pink Cloud”, and I was going to have to be drastic.




So with a couple of swift moves of the brayer, I subtracted most of what was there, and wound up with something that’s much more playful, more fun, still has pastels, but is bolder, more like what I’d put up on my own wall.

The moral of this story, for me anyway, is that less is better, subtraction is cool, to make a good painting, you need to fight the purely pretty and be ready to muck it up.

Making Art isn’t a Luxury but a Necessity


The other day I found myself berating myself for not being able to find time for my art. A little writing here and there and not much else. I felt miserable, like I was wasting away, getting older and not getting to the important work. What was the point of my life if I’m not doing anything artistic? I kept pushing it off, waiting for that magical moment when I’d feel inspired and serene, ready to get back to it.

Then I started to watch where my mind was focusing.

It usually had to do with someone who was bugging me, sometimes it’d stretch out to wondering how I’ll ever be able to make enough money to retire on. Inevitably it would circle round to feeling guilty about not making art and assessing my loser status as a result.

Regardless of the topic, what I noticed was the steam coming out of my ears, as I rumbled along, obsessing about one thing or another. I could see how, left unchanelled, my creative mind will passionately go to work, puling apart and analysing whatever it chooses to encounter.

And if that misuse of my creative energy isn’t enough to keep me out of the studio, how about those thousands of things competing for my time ? Here I am, on my own, making a new life for myself in the US, a country I haven’t lived in, in almost three decades. No easy task.

And how about my apartment ? Surely, it’s not going to clean itself.

That’s when I stopped waiting for serenity and inspiration, or even time. I closed the door on my disorganized apartment, and yanked myself back to the studio.

And then, oh the bliss of painting away again and feeling on purpose.

In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve found to be true :

  • Don’t wait for inspiration, inspiration will come as you work.
  • 10363455_799053580126252_7641662414384585040_oWatch where your mind goes, you might be surprised at what it finds to chew on.
  • Pull yourself away from the miriads of things you focus on every day and the tasks you think you absolutely have to get done before you can make art. Save some energy for your art, or the rest will pull you in.
  • Get better at organizing your time.
  • Remember, if you’re an artist, making art isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Art-Full Tarot Series; Week Four: The Papess


Yesterday I pulled the tarot at random for the week and out came« La Papess »

la_papesseBlogIn the original Marseilles Tarot, La Papess holds a book open  in her lap and is heavily veiled. I imagined she had the book of knowledge in her hands and was wrapped in secret mystery. Her papal tiara pushes right up through the card’s frame towards “the sky”, indicating a symbol for high levels of intuitive connection, and the beginnings of psychic vision. I chose those three symbols for my abstracted version : the book of secrets, the veiled mystery, and the intuitive tiara all submerged in a golden, green, glow.

La Papess Oil on Canvas Andrea Wedell

La Papess
Oil on Canvas
Andrea Wedell

I’m particularly attracted to this quiet, veiled card, it was my favorite in the series when I painted it, and still is. Maybe because the other symbol for « La Papesse » is virgo, and I’m a double virgo.

I painted all of these cards with an instinctive understanding, before studying them and learning the deeper symbols.

Here is what I later learned about La Papess:

The card symbolism speaks about a great sensitivity to sounds. Her ears are covered, and any sound will either set off a stream of electric negative reactions, or else make her want to get up and dance to the rhythm !

Two is for duo or else duel. Either there is harmony in your relationship or there’s confrontation. This card can mean it may be time for a little confrontation to build something constructive.

With two energy, we’re working out our own relationship, regulating our two energies, our ying and yangs, balancing the two hemisphere’s in our brains – keeping up the analytical thinking but also allowing the intuitive, big picture, seeing part to have it’s place at the table. In fact I’d venture to say it’s a really good idea to let that intuitive side speak to you when you’ve pulled out “La Papess”, you may really be tuning into some important messages !

We’re strengthening our own inner couple when we’re at two in our journey through life, we need an echo about that dynamic to help us see and integrate it : any kind of echo will work : journaling, painting, making art of any kind, connecting with nature.

That’s definitely good guidance for this coming week : I am feeling a little “electric” right now, a bit on edge to put it lightly (ask my husband !),  it’s time to seek out that echo.

I’ve been sketching every day lately and loving it. It’s fun to see what will inspire me, recently it’s been the gorgeously budding and flowering trees everywhere with Spring upon us here in France. I’m almost embarrassed to say I’d never really notice how amazing it is before I began scrutinizing the trees and flowers. It’s the best meditation practice I’ve ever found. And if this attraction to budding nature is an echo of my inner dynamic, there must be something budding in me, getting ready to flower.

La papess also means waiting patiently for your projects to manifest…

The hermit in me really wishes I had a calm week ahead of me, but it’s quite the opposite. There’s going to be stress, lots of people, lots of airplane travel, lots of noise, lots of stuff to aggravate me (!), and a great need to stay centered, or I really will get pulled into the exterior craziness.

I’ll look for that echoed inner relationship through continued observing, detailed drawing, writing, and patient waiting.

How about you ?

How do you find resonance for yourself ?

Art-Full Tarot, Week Three: Temperance

L'Amour, Temperance

L’Amour, Temperance

Welcome to week three of my Art Full tarot series.

Both the artist and the mystic in me delight in the tarot. The artist loves the wealth of creative possibiity inside these ancient symbols and the mystic loves connecting to the universal « source » for guidance, alignment and larger understanding.

The 22 cards are based on the Marseille Tarot, but abstractly…so they are open to interpretation, your own. My artistic goal was for each of the 22 major arcana to have it’s own unique color scheme and to hold a mini universe inside those colors. I’m explaining the more classical symbolic understanding here in this blog, but there’s a lot to be immediately felt and understood about a situation, a choice or direction, just by looking at and feeling the colors and prompting your intuition from there.

Gestation, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell

Gestation, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell

Last week we explored the Moon card, number 18.

There can be a lot of anxiety inside that Moon universe, and I got a nice dose of it during the week, whenever I focused on « the coming weeks, and everything I had to do » « How will I ever manage it all » ? « And with a sinus infection on top of it »!

flowering tree drawingTo ease out of those spiraling, circular thoughts in order to find better solutions to the projected, maybe even imagined « overwhelm », I sketched trees in my garden, and practiced making caligraphy lines with brushes with no goal in mind except practice. I immediately felt more peaceful.

Drawing is a fantastic form of meditation. It really doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not. Just pick up a pencil or a pen and focus on what’s in front of you. Let your eyes, heart and hand take over.

The moon card is all about gestation and such has been my week, art-wise. I’m incubating creatively and working on my line quality, randomly thinking about healing colors and i’ll see where it takes me.

It’s a relief to be able to consciously allow yourself to incubate. You can just let go and know that the creativity cake is in the oven, baking. Soon, your freshly baked inspiration will emerge.

The card for this week is: Temperance

L'Amour, Temperance

L’Amour, Temperance

The positive meaning

Balancing the Ying and the Yang, inspiration, universal love, universal intelligence, connecting with our own inner « guardian angel » temperance : structuring, finding poise, integrating, connecting with the purest essence of nature, magnetic energy, accepting « what is » with a positive outlook, confident expectation, creative drive, generosity, kindness, discernment, holistic therapies, healing, using and understanding the tarot.

The darker side

Not allowing for any fun, and tightening up, instability, moodiness, passiveness.

The darker side of any card, is in effect, the opposite of the positive.

I’ve been excited since last night about pulling the card for the week, today. I felt that same flushed childish anticipation as on Christmas eve, impatient to open my presents.

I’m glad the gift for this week is this card with it’s soothing energy. I’m reassured after last week’s anxieties that I can more or less expect the week to be full of positive encounters and healing. It actually IS full of healing already, with some holistic appointments ligned up for acupuncture and reflexology to balance my energy.

I’ll also focus on « connecting » with my own guardian angel, that wiser part of me that keeps everything in balance. The more I listen to her, the clearer her nurturing voice.

How about you ?

What are you bringing into balance this week ?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great week,


P.S. Information about the painting: Temperance , 39′ x 28′, oil on canvas. This one’s still available. For all information contact me here

Art-Full Tarot Series: Week Two; The Moon

Entering week 2 of my 22 week Art-Full Tarot series, I’d like to back track to last week’s card : 6 « The Lovers » or « Choice »

Le Choix, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell

Le Choix, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell

The first thing that struck me about number 6 last week, as the first card I pulled to launch this series, is suddenly realizing I happen to be in a year 6 this year, numerology wise. This entire year is about color and aesthetics, cherishing relationships with those I love, and choosing from the heart. I loved that little « coincidence » I hadn’t looked up my numerology year in several years, and suddenly I felt like checking it out. And there it was : a great big 6

I’m sure this is telling me that doing this Art-Full tarot reading series is, and will prove to be significant this year. I can’t wait to see and tell you about how that unfolds.

This is a perfect example of the type of synchronicity that happens when you start looking out at the world through the eyes of the tarot (or through any other wide angle lens for that matter). Magical signs begin to appear out of nowhere, linking things together in meaningful ways. I believe these signs are there as helpful hints to get us to trust our intuitions and gut feelings about things. That’s how I work with them anyway, and learning to follow those intuitions with more confidence is such a sweet relief. Intuition, I’ve come to understand, is that first gut response, the one that has no emotion attached to it yet. The information is just there : neutral and clear.

Following right along with that train of thought, the card I just pulled (at random) for this week is number 18 : The Moon, or Gestation and deeply linked to our intuitions.

Gestation, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell

Gestation, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell

The Positive Meaning :

Gestation, creative imagination, intuition, psychic intuition, creativity in all of it’s forms, femininity, inner journeys, the unconscious, spirituality, discerning when issues are about you and when there’s nothing to do with you, night-time, psychological brilliance, dreams that bring meaning and greater understanding.

The Darker Side :
Being too passive and the flip side of a clear mind : confusion, anxiety, superstition, depression, obsession

I loved painting this card. I spent a lot of time layering the whites on the moon to get it to Glow, to throw what I wanted as warm light into the dark, cool night.

This is the very same warm bright light we can shine down into ourselves, by looking into those aspects we can’t yet « see » through reading or with help, or else delving deeper into those areas that are starting to become clearer and learning to decode what we can.

This is such a great source of self-understanding, the first step in being able to understand others, and is also such a huge wealth of creative inspiration.

This will be an opportune week for me to use my receptive side and explore my next artistic adventure. I’ve been searching around for a project that has meaning, just as this tarot series did (and still does). As I wait for inspiration to emerge, I’ve tried to get comfortable being in a directionless state, and it’s been quite a while now. Just yesterday, the beginning of what’s actually an old idea, started taking shape : exploring the healing power of color. I haven’t any idea what that will be, but the more I think about it, the better I like it. I think this will be a good week to let that inspiration begin to unfold. I feel like taking a color and exploring it completely. Hmmm, pink ? green ? blue ?

I also know that my mind and body need some nurturing and rest or I will definitely flip into the darker side of 18…And who needs that on Easter weekend !

How about you ?

How does your intuition guide your life and creative inspiration ?