Art-Full Tarot, Week Three: Temperance

L'Amour, Temperance
L’Amour, Temperance

Welcome to week three of my Art Full tarot series.

Both the artist and the mystic in me delight in the tarot. The artist loves the wealth of creative possibiity inside these ancient symbols and the mystic loves connecting to the universal « source » for guidance, alignment and larger understanding.

The 22 cards are based on the Marseille Tarot, but abstractly…so they are open to interpretation, your own. My artistic goal was for each of the 22 major arcana to have it’s own unique color scheme and to hold a mini universe inside those colors. I’m explaining the more classical symbolic understanding here in this blog, but there’s a lot to be immediately felt and understood about a situation, a choice or direction, just by looking at and feeling the colors and prompting your intuition from there.

Gestation, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell
Gestation, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell
Last week we explored the Moon card, number 18.

There can be a lot of anxiety inside that Moon universe, and I got a nice dose of it during the week, whenever I focused on « the coming weeks, and everything I had to do » « How will I ever manage it all » ? « And with a sinus infection on top of it »!

flowering tree drawingTo ease out of those spiraling, circular thoughts in order to find better solutions to the projected, maybe even imagined « overwhelm », I sketched trees in my garden, and practiced making caligraphy lines with brushes with no goal in mind except practice. I immediately felt more peaceful.

Drawing is a fantastic form of meditation. It really doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not. Just pick up a pencil or a pen and focus on what’s in front of you. Let your eyes, heart and hand take over.

The moon card is all about gestation and such has been my week, art-wise. I’m incubating creatively and working on my line quality, randomly thinking about healing colors and i’ll see where it takes me.

It’s a relief to be able to consciously allow yourself to incubate. You can just let go and know that the creativity cake is in the oven, baking. Soon, your freshly baked inspiration will emerge.

The card for this week is: Temperance

L'Amour, Temperance
L’Amour, Temperance

The positive meaning

Balancing the Ying and the Yang, inspiration, universal love, universal intelligence, connecting with our own inner « guardian angel » temperance : structuring, finding poise, integrating, connecting with the purest essence of nature, magnetic energy, accepting « what is » with a positive outlook, confident expectation, creative drive, generosity, kindness, discernment, holistic therapies, healing, using and understanding the tarot.

The darker side

Not allowing for any fun, and tightening up, instability, moodiness, passiveness.

The darker side of any card, is in effect, the opposite of the positive.

I’ve been excited since last night about pulling the card for the week, today. I felt that same flushed childish anticipation as on Christmas eve, impatient to open my presents.

I’m glad the gift for this week is this card with it’s soothing energy. I’m reassured after last week’s anxieties that I can more or less expect the week to be full of positive encounters and healing. It actually IS full of healing already, with some holistic appointments ligned up for acupuncture and reflexology to balance my energy.

I’ll also focus on « connecting » with my own guardian angel, that wiser part of me that keeps everything in balance. The more I listen to her, the clearer her nurturing voice.

How about you ?

What are you bringing into balance this week ?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great week,


P.S. Information about the painting: Temperance , 39′ x 28′, oil on canvas. This one’s still available. For all information contact me here

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