Art-Full Tarot Series: Week Two; The Moon

Entering week 2 of my 22 week Art-Full Tarot series, I’d like to back track to last week’s card : 6 « The Lovers » or « Choice »

Le Choix, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell
Le Choix, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell
The first thing that struck me about number 6 last week, as the first card I pulled to launch this series, is suddenly realizing I happen to be in a year 6 this year, numerology wise. This entire year is about color and aesthetics, cherishing relationships with those I love, and choosing from the heart. I loved that little « coincidence » I hadn’t looked up my numerology year in several years, and suddenly I felt like checking it out. And there it was : a great big 6

I’m sure this is telling me that doing this Art-Full tarot reading series is, and will prove to be significant this year. I can’t wait to see and tell you about how that unfolds.

This is a perfect example of the type of synchronicity that happens when you start looking out at the world through the eyes of the tarot (or through any other wide angle lens for that matter). Magical signs begin to appear out of nowhere, linking things together in meaningful ways. I believe these signs are there as helpful hints to get us to trust our intuitions and gut feelings about things. That’s how I work with them anyway, and learning to follow those intuitions with more confidence is such a sweet relief. Intuition, I’ve come to understand, is that first gut response, the one that has no emotion attached to it yet. The information is just there : neutral and clear.

Following right along with that train of thought, the card I just pulled (at random) for this week is number 18 : The Moon, or Gestation and deeply linked to our intuitions.

Gestation, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell
Gestation, oil on canvas, Andrea Wedell

The Positive Meaning :

Gestation, creative imagination, intuition, psychic intuition, creativity in all of it’s forms, femininity, inner journeys, the unconscious, spirituality, discerning when issues are about you and when there’s nothing to do with you, night-time, psychological brilliance, dreams that bring meaning and greater understanding.

The Darker Side :
Being too passive and the flip side of a clear mind : confusion, anxiety, superstition, depression, obsession

I loved painting this card. I spent a lot of time layering the whites on the moon to get it to Glow, to throw what I wanted as warm light into the dark, cool night.

This is the very same warm bright light we can shine down into ourselves, by looking into those aspects we can’t yet « see » through reading or with help, or else delving deeper into those areas that are starting to become clearer and learning to decode what we can.

This is such a great source of self-understanding, the first step in being able to understand others, and is also such a huge wealth of creative inspiration.

This will be an opportune week for me to use my receptive side and explore my next artistic adventure. I’ve been searching around for a project that has meaning, just as this tarot series did (and still does). As I wait for inspiration to emerge, I’ve tried to get comfortable being in a directionless state, and it’s been quite a while now. Just yesterday, the beginning of what’s actually an old idea, started taking shape : exploring the healing power of color. I haven’t any idea what that will be, but the more I think about it, the better I like it. I think this will be a good week to let that inspiration begin to unfold. I feel like taking a color and exploring it completely. Hmmm, pink ? green ? blue ?

I also know that my mind and body need some nurturing and rest or I will definitely flip into the darker side of 18…And who needs that on Easter weekend !

How about you ?

How does your intuition guide your life and creative inspiration ?

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