Art-Full Tarot Series; Week Four: The Papess


Yesterday I pulled the tarot at random for the week and out came« La Papess »

la_papesseBlogIn the original Marseilles Tarot, La Papess holds a book open  in her lap and is heavily veiled. I imagined she had the book of knowledge in her hands and was wrapped in secret mystery. Her papal tiara pushes right up through the card’s frame towards “the sky”, indicating a symbol for high levels of intuitive connection, and the beginnings of psychic vision. I chose those three symbols for my abstracted version : the book of secrets, the veiled mystery, and the intuitive tiara all submerged in a golden, green, glow.

La Papess Oil on Canvas Andrea Wedell
La Papess
Oil on Canvas
Andrea Wedell

I’m particularly attracted to this quiet, veiled card, it was my favorite in the series when I painted it, and still is. Maybe because the other symbol for « La Papesse » is virgo, and I’m a double virgo.

I painted all of these cards with an instinctive understanding, before studying them and learning the deeper symbols.

Here is what I later learned about La Papess:

The card symbolism speaks about a great sensitivity to sounds. Her ears are covered, and any sound will either set off a stream of electric negative reactions, or else make her want to get up and dance to the rhythm !

Two is for duo or else duel. Either there is harmony in your relationship or there’s confrontation. This card can mean it may be time for a little confrontation to build something constructive.

With two energy, we’re working out our own relationship, regulating our two energies, our ying and yangs, balancing the two hemisphere’s in our brains – keeping up the analytical thinking but also allowing the intuitive, big picture, seeing part to have it’s place at the table. In fact I’d venture to say it’s a really good idea to let that intuitive side speak to you when you’ve pulled out “La Papess”, you may really be tuning into some important messages !

We’re strengthening our own inner couple when we’re at two in our journey through life, we need an echo about that dynamic to help us see and integrate it : any kind of echo will work : journaling, painting, making art of any kind, connecting with nature.

That’s definitely good guidance for this coming week : I am feeling a little “electric” right now, a bit on edge to put it lightly (ask my husband !),  it’s time to seek out that echo.

I’ve been sketching every day lately and loving it. It’s fun to see what will inspire me, recently it’s been the gorgeously budding and flowering trees everywhere with Spring upon us here in France. I’m almost embarrassed to say I’d never really notice how amazing it is before I began scrutinizing the trees and flowers. It’s the best meditation practice I’ve ever found. And if this attraction to budding nature is an echo of my inner dynamic, there must be something budding in me, getting ready to flower.

La papess also means waiting patiently for your projects to manifest…

The hermit in me really wishes I had a calm week ahead of me, but it’s quite the opposite. There’s going to be stress, lots of people, lots of airplane travel, lots of noise, lots of stuff to aggravate me (!), and a great need to stay centered, or I really will get pulled into the exterior craziness.

I’ll look for that echoed inner relationship through continued observing, detailed drawing, writing, and patient waiting.

How about you ?

How do you find resonance for yourself ?

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