Abstract Art Unfolding

Live from the studio in San Rafael ! the inspiration and process behind my latest series of abstract oil paintings.

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  1. I’ve just discovered your work and wow, it is so beautiful….i love the mysterious and ethereal nature of them….so light and airy! i’m enjoying watching your little videos and hope to find more! i’m actually a full time potter, have been for over 30 years, and have always painted….soft pastels mostly and abstract for the most part….i’m just getting into cold wax and oil and i’m loving it, but finding it very challenging…which is fine, i’m loving the process. i just wanted to tell you that hearing that you take painting you’re not in love with and painting over it is something i have been trying to do lately…..trying to approach each session of painting with an open mind and heart is i believe, the way to get to something that you love. painting over the bits that you kinda love is hard, but when they no longer fit into the painting as whole it is worth the sacrifice. anyway, just wanted to make contact and i so look forward to seeing more of your work and videos. best wishes, Linda

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