Finding Visual Harmony

I’ve taken to documenting my process in creating abstract art in response to the many who’ve asked me about it. I’m equally motivated, as I gear up to to teach art classes in 2017. 

So here it is in a nutshell : Almost consistently when I look back at any of my older paintings, that could be years and/or months old, and peer at them with fresh eyes, what once felt complete, looks anachronistic and irrelevant. 

So I paint my new experience over the previous ones, and that layering up of current realities, visual vocabularies, and aesthetic experience, becomes the work “du jour”. I call and respond to brush strokes, layer colors, attempt to distill a feeling down to a precise mark, excavate, all in the hopes of finding poetic, visual harmony. Painting is like music, if one line or color is off, it become, unless intentional, a jarring false note.

I’m truly a student of the work as it comes out the other side, and wanted to share some of that process with you here.



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