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About This Blog

I was standing in front of a group teaching a course on creativity in a corporate setting recently, holding the flip chart marker up to my nose as is my long-standing habit.

My mind was immediately flooded with joyous memories as I breathed in the toxic fumes from my green pen :  there I was sitting in my dad’s architecture firm after school, stacks of white paper in all sizes at my disposal, heaps of colored pens and markers, all there for my coloring pleasure.

Oh the wonderful hours I spent lost in my drawings, coloring away, proudly handing them out to anyone who might happen to drop by : clients, assistants, other architects, you name it. I was eager to distribute my colorful creations with anyone and everyone and get them to share in my fun. I also hoped for a pat on the head, some glorious praise and even better, someone might frame one and put it on the wall.

I’m blogging about my life as an artist in France for pretty much the same reasons : to share the many sources of inspiration that fill my life and feed my artwork, to invite your feedback and comments, and now that I’ve grown into a professional artist and sell my work for others to enjoy, this blog will keep you updated on all the paintings available for you to take home and put on your walls.

I’ve been in France for so long, I forget how exciting it is to visit this country. I hope to share all of the things that stimulate me here on a regular basis, from my urban Parisian setting to the sun drenched horizons in the South of France so you can feel, see, taste some of the treasures France has to offer – without the hassle or expense of traveling here yourself.

Also a major part of my world is my American heritage, probably experienced more urgently and poignantly from this distance. Books are how I connect, I love them, can’t see myself living without them. I’ll happily be sharing what I’m reading, especially as it relates to art, so you too can enjoy, learn and grow.

Now it’s the pasty dry scent of my acrylic paints , mixed in with the sweet perfume of jasmine flowers flowing in from my open studio window, that flood my mind with images of my world here and now in France. As I look outwards, then inwards, I find myself propelled time and time again to my easel, where I stand still mesmerized by color, still exhilerated by the stacks of paper, the canvases and the possibilities that lie in wait.

New Exhibit in Paris in September

Hello !

I love that I can communicate with my blog now. It’s brand new and a grand moment of excitement in my life after some confusion about how to make it happen. I spend a lot of time alone in my studio in silence, or accompanied by birdsong, and always one or both of my cats. The hermit in me loves those moments, but I also thrive on contact, and it’s truly delightful to be able to get out and communicate via the fabulous virtual world.

For those of you who may be in Paris between the 8th and 24th of September, I’ll be exhibiting 12 paintings from my Contemporary Landscapes of Southern France series at La Nadine Gallery, 12 rue D’Alger. The closest métro is Tuilleries.

Hopefully my landscapes will prolong and let you relive your summer experience of light and color.

I’d love to see you there,