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I was standing in front of a group teaching a course on creativity in a corporate setting recently, holding the flip chart marker up to my nose as is my long-standing habit.

My mind was immediately flooded with joyous memories as I breathed in the toxic fumes from my green pen :  there I was sitting in my dad’s architecture firm after school, stacks of white paper in all sizes at my disposal, heaps of colored pens and markers, all there for my coloring pleasure.

Oh the wonderful hours I spent lost in my drawings, coloring away, proudly handing them out to anyone who might happen to drop by : clients, assistants, other architects, you name it. I was eager to distribute my colorful creations with anyone and everyone and get them to share in my fun. I also hoped for a pat on the head, some glorious praise and even better, someone might frame one and put it on the wall.

I’m blogging about my life as an artist in France for pretty much the same reasons : to share the many sources of inspiration that fill my life and feed my artwork, to invite your feedback and comments, and now that I’ve grown into a professional artist and sell my work for others to enjoy, this blog will keep you updated on all the paintings available for you to take home and put on your walls.

I’ve been in France for so long, I forget how exciting it is to visit this country. I hope to share all of the things that stimulate me here on a regular basis, from my urban Parisian setting to the sun drenched horizons in the South of France so you can feel, see, taste some of the treasures France has to offer – without the hassle or expense of traveling here yourself.

Also a major part of my world is my American heritage, probably experienced more urgently and poignantly from this distance. Books are how I connect, I love them, can’t see myself living without them. I’ll happily be sharing what I’m reading, especially as it relates to art, so you too can enjoy, learn and grow.

Now it’s the pasty dry scent of my acrylic paints , mixed in with the sweet perfume of jasmine flowers flowing in from my open studio window, that flood my mind with images of my world here and now in France. As I look outwards, then inwards, I find myself propelled time and time again to my easel, where I stand still mesmerized by color, still exhilerated by the stacks of paper, the canvases and the possibilities that lie in wait.

10 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Frances Clements Fawcett

    Hi Andrea – I found you via our class with Alyson and Cynthia – what an inspiration you are – I’m excited to follow along as you share your stories of creating an art-filled life in France – what a delight!

    Cheers from Port Townsend, WA

    ps – I adore the vivid color play in Burano en Coleurs (hopefully I’ve spelled your piece correctly!)

    1. Andrea Wedell

      Hey there Frances, So happy you stopped by, and so happy you find this inspirational ! I’m loving our class and I’m excited about writing. So many possibilities to connect and share. It’s great.

  2. Hannah Hunter

    Hi Andrea–Great to hear that you’re taking Alyson’s and Cynthia’s course. I’ve been thinking of doing it again, because I think it clarifies the mind and hence the blog. I’ve enjoyed reading about your transformation into an ex-pat and the transition from Paris to Cassis and from landscape to abstraction. Your new abstractions are so full of light and joy.

    1. Andrea Wedell

      Hi Hannah, so nice to hear from you. You’re so good at summing up lots of information and getting to the essentials in you comments and messages. I really admire this a lot ! Have been to your blog. Loads of inspiration there. Yes, by all means, sign up for the blog course, I think it’s different than the one you did.

  3. Robin Jane Fingher

    Hello over there – what a fabulous blog!

    I love your writing Andrea and I connect with so many things you say, especially the insatiable appetite for books. I find your paintings stunning and mesmerising, full of joy and colour – I too love olour. I wish I could see your work in person – perhaps a visit to France one day…there I go again, off in my dreamscape 🙂

    Connecting with someone who once hailed from my favourite city (ever!) is also wonderful. I visited San Francisco last year and did as the song said, left a little bit of my heart there – well, maybe a lot!!! What a truly amazing city. I felt my creative muse come alive in the streets. I stumbled across a gallery full of Chagal paintings and stood statue-like with tears rolling down my face. He is my favourite artist and there I was – that close to his work. I still recall that experience and get goosebumps!

    I’m loving the blog triage class too and so happy to have met you there. I look forward to being part of your community and connecting on so many things – yeah for art and the fabulous opportunity we now have to connect like this – powerful and satisfying!

    Creative love and hugs across the globe…Robxx

  4. Vickie Martin

    I’m so glad I signed up for the blog class – I’m enjoying reading these blogs so much. I loved your descriptions – and especially loved the last paragraph about the acrylic paint and the smell of jasmines – it put me right there!!!!! I look forward to reading more posts from you and your interesting and art!

    1. Andrea Wedell

      Hi Vickie,
      I love that you can smell those flowers and picture yourself in my world. Thanks so much for the kind feedback.

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